Rudarmel Enterprises, Inc. is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the northwestern United States. REI also conducts training classes and provides consulting services. Clients include fabrication, casting, paper mill, petro-chemical, nuclear and inspection service companies.

Training Instructor Packages

[ Radiographic Film Interpretation of Weldments ]

Students receive a practical and systematic approach to film interpretation in this comprehensive instructional slide program.

[ Fundamentals of Film Interpretation ]

This program is an introduction to radiographic film interpretation intended for technicians, managers, auditors, contract administrators, and others with a need to understand the basic and indepth issues involved in the interpretation of radiographs.

REI-3 and REI-4
[ Radiation Safety Training Series - Parts I and II ]
This program provides an excellent tool for establishing or improving an existing radiation safety training program. It follows the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions' 10 CFR 34 Appendix A training outline, and encompasses areas considered to be essential to radiation safety by the NRC and all agreement states.

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