Rudarmel Enterprises, Inc. is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the northwestern United States. REI also conducts training classes and provides consulting services. Clients include fabrication, casting, paper mill, petro-chemical, nuclear and inspection service companies.

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REI - 2   Fundamentals of Film Interpretation


This program is an introduction to radiographic film interpretation intended for technicians, managers, auditors, contract administrators, and others with a need to understand the basic issues involved in the interpretation of radiographs.

Students are introduced to the basics of radiographic testing, image quality indicators, the effects of energy levels on radiographs, film density, scatter radiation and diffraction. Also covered are the film manufacturing process, film structure, problems with fogging and artifacts, and viewing room organization and tools.

Course Outline: Introduction; Perception and Pattern Recognition; Role of Interpreter; General Information about Radiographic Testing; Image Quality Indicators; Industrial X-Ray Film; The Interpreter and Viewing Facilities.

The program includes an instruction workbook and two video tapes (2 hours). A student workbook and a preview video tape and sample lesson are also available.

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