Rudarmel Enterprises, Inc. is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the northwestern United States. REI also conducts training classes and provides consulting services. Clients include fabrication, casting, paper mill, petro-chemical, nuclear and inspection service companies.

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REI - 3 & 4  Radiation Safety Training Series - Parts I and II

This program provides an excellent tool for establishing or improving an existing radiation safety training program. It follows the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions' 10 CFR 34 Appendix A training outline, and encompasses areas considered to be essential to radiation safety by the NRC and all agreement states.

Part I covers the origin of radiation, radiation measurement and control of radiation dose. A combination of media, text, video tape, overhead transparencies, instructor manual and student workbook - provide a comprehensive approach to this important area of training.

Course Outline: Introduction to Radiation; Characteristics of Radiation, Ionization, and Industrial Sources; Units of Radiation Measurement and Dose; Hazards of Radiation and Biological Effects; Methods of Controlling Radiation Dose.

The Instructor Package contains two video tapes, 60 transparencies, and Instructor Manual, examinations and an NRC textbook. The five lessons are each 2 to 3 hours long. The Student Workbook contains the reading assignments, examinations, a glossary of terms, and a hard copy of the overhead transparencies. A Preview Package contains one lesson from the Instruction manual, a sample transparency, and videotape excerpts from several lessons.

A comprehensive cross-reference to the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions' 10 CFR 34 Appendix A training outline is available.

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